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Why ProjecT-Support?

Technical realization projects have always been a big challenge – not only on a technical but also commercial basis.

In addition, several factors make successful project realization increasingly harder today:

increasing complexity

Driven in particular by legal regulations, the process and system landscape of companies is increasingly expanding – combined with ever new and more complex requirements on the part of internal stakeholders (purchasing, accounting, compliance, finance, etc.).

reduced room to maneuver

The increasing integration in supply chains, increasing demands from customers and investors, and increasing reduction of “buffers” lead to tighter and tighter project schedules and less and less room for mistakes (and their correction).

less manpower

The continuous reduction of in-house staff – both in project organizations and in operations, maintenance and other key stakeholder fields, as well as the loss of experienced staff due to retirement, leads to a thinning out of project resources.

Projects not only need good advice, but practical support!

We support project teams, reduce project risks and realize project potentials.

  • We take work off shoulders – whether just individual tasks or entire subject areas.
  • We act as an “extended workbench” – as close as possible and hand-in-hand with the project teams.
  • We cover the entire project lifecycle – from idea generation to claim management, from commercial to technical.

For us, project support is not a side business: This means, we act independently in the interests of the owners / investors, without potential distractions by other fields of business such as engineering, project management etc.

Our Services

Project Support

Can your project teams focus on mission-critical activities?

Four out of five project managers say they are overburdened by project administration and reporting. We improve the control of your projects, reduce the administrative burden on your teams and allow you to focus on the essentials.

Overview of services

  • contracting strategy
  • team & organization setup
  • tender processes
  • contractor steering
  • business case calculation
  • grant application & administration
  • project controls
  • communication & reporting
  • documentation
  • commercial verification
  • technical verification
  • claim management
  • etc …

Do your project teams have all the resources to realize the full potential of your investments?


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Your Benefits

up to


reduction of your investment costs by choosing the right contracting strategy

up to


reduction of the number of false invoices after the introduction of a detailed commercial verification

average of


ROI on your investment for commercial verification by Capexpro

up to


reduction of the time your project managers spend on admin work

Example invoice verification

The Lever

On average, we reduce the investment project costs compared to the invoice amount:

  • by 1% means of commercial verification
  • by 3% means of technical verification

The Effect

The savings realized by us are therefore often many times higher than the costs for our services (see ROI).

The Potential

One of the largest health insurance companies in Germany was able to recover 131.7 million euros in contributions by determining falsly issued invoices in hospitals.

Wide Applicability


Capexpro’s extended workbench approach can be used in a wide range of industries, including:

Process Plants


  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical production



  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Streets
  • Train stations

Production plants


  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

Electricity industry


  • Power plants
  • Wind turbines
  • Power supply

Special machines


  • Offshore-Vessels



  • Office complex
  • Stadiums

IT systems


  • Control technology
  • Data centers

Basic material production


  • Steelworks
  • Paper Mills

Comprehensive expertise

Dipl.Kfm. Michael SIEGMUND

Dipl.Kfm. Michael SIEGMUND

Chief Executive Officer

formerly responsible for project control governance and controlling of a project portfolio of up to 700 simultaneous projects and 500 million Euro investment volume per year; including project management system, controlling and commercial verification

The quality of our services is guaranteed by a technical and commercial experts, including:

Senior Expert Technical Verification with 20 years of operational experience in investment projects; Development and construction of an integrated verification model

Senior Expert Technical Verification: Project manager of key infrastructure and healthcare projects. Technical verificator for projects with values of 3-figure-million Euro

Senior Expert Project Support: Experienced project controller of major investment projects in the automotive and logistics sector

Our local staff are typically specialists with extensive experience, selected by us, trained and coached for their role as Customer Centered Service Providers.

Mag. Daniel STAMIN

Mag. Daniel STAMIN

Chief Operations Officer

extensive experience as a consultant, as well as line function in large corporations of the energy, oil & gas industry




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